The 25 Best TV Shows of 2021

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2021 like its predecessor saw a glut of long-form content being produced. As a result of having access to different streaming services, viewers were now exposed to long-form content produced throughout the world, and thus the creators of said content had to substantially raise the bar of crafting compelling stories in order to keep the audience engaged. It’s of course a given that with the advent of so many streaming services, the quality of web shows being produced is bound to get diluted, but having seen quite a lot of these in 2021, I can safely reassure you by saying that the good far outweighs the bad.

There are a couple of caveats to consider before getting to the list of the best tv shows of 2021. Firstly, the list is subjective. These are the 25 best TV shows that aired during 2021 according to me. The second caveat builds organically from the first. I haven’t seen everything that had come out this year, which means I might miss a couple of important ones.
There are also a lot of acclaimed shows (Squid Game, Invincible) that do not make the cut, because they simply did not work for me. The third caveat is this list is only considering the long-form narrative content produced. Thus no documentaries or anthologies on this list. And the final caveat is this list is not considering the shows that are currently still airing. Thus critically acclaimed shows like Yellowjackets, the final season of The Expanse, etc. are not considered because they are still airing.

From Loki to Midnight Mass, here are the 25 Best TV Shows of 2021:

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