Fade to Black

Fade to Black ★★★★½

A film fanatic loses grip on reality and goes rogue  - that’s potentially everyone of us on this site. Hehe. 

FADE TO BLACK takes us on quite a journey. When we first meet Eric he’s the star of his own melodrama, just a maladroit film geek trying but failing to fit in. In Act 2 he snaps, embodies Widmark’s Tommy Udo from Kiss Of Death and begins his transition into madness. (If you’ve seen Kiss Of Death, you know all about Tommy Udo, the wheelchair and the laugh. It’s not something you can or should  easily forget). At this point for Eric, the rubicon has been crossed. Dressing up in various film characters and movie monsters, the streets are no longer safe. The movie now becomes a psychodrama / thriller as the body count increases. By the time Act 3 comes around, the film is now into bonafide camp territory with protracted finale and all. The credits roll (ironically without fading to black) to the haunting Theme From Fade To Black sung by Marsha Hunt, which should at this point leave you slack jawed in head shaking awe. Or at the very least a Wow, wasn’t that something?

I loved every minute of it. Twisted sublime perversion. Great L.A. locations. And Tim Thomerson is a hoot. 

Shout out to Vinegar Syndrome for finally giving us a Blu Ray of this classic. As usual it comes with a reverse cover. As a purist I always resort to the original art work, but this time I gotta say I dig the new paint job for this edition.

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