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  • Pieces of a Woman

    Pieces of a Woman


    empty.. only worth the fun assorted cast and kirby's devastating performance

  • Fosse/Verdon



    an absolutely fantastic and perfect marriage (ha) of long-form dramatic tv and theatre flair. couldn't watch it in a single sitting but i found it so endlessly compelling that i counted the seconds until i had the time to continue watching. the fascinating true story, the vivid ensemble of characters and the gorgeous theatrical performances kept me hooked from beginning to end.

    of course the titular performances were easily the best part of the whole miniseries. sam rockwell and michelle completely…

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  • Strike!



    mona lisa smile sis you're over

  • Venom



    the script sucks so bad but this is modern camp i cannot explain it. instead of a review here is an unranked, comprehensive list of moments that made me audibly scream:
    1. michelle williams in a party city version of nicole kidman's wig in big little lies
    2. riz ahmed's character being constantly referred to as drake
    3. reid scott showing up and introducing himself as DAN
    3. melora walters jumpscare
    4. venom saying pussy
    5. jenny slate in glasses…