The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch ★★½

Wes Anderson is a master at creating quirky exciting worlds for his audiences to devour. There was set design and staging that was truly mesmerizing, however This film lacks sense  of true humanity. Perhaps by nature of its episodic structure, and fast paced storylines, We don’t get to see much evolution from any of the films many characters. Though Anderson makes small attempts at addressing interesting topics of generational difference and the meaning of art, it feels as though he does not want to actually engage in any kind of dialogue, instead he constructs caricatures of human beings for us to laugh at. This leads to a lack of any kind of social, political or  emotional message. This may be exactly the intent Anderson has, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, however it feels shallow and unproductive after the past two years of death and political unrest. films are supposed to be an escape from reality a place to immerse yourself in a new world, so why did I feel so let down by this colorful cast of goofy pseudo intellectual characters? Perhaps it’s because we as an audience already know what a “Wes Anderson film” is. we have delighted in this man’s creativity since the late 90s. But does Anderson have anything else to say that he hasn’t already said?
overall the film felt like desert, sweet but lacking nutritional (emotional) substance.