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  • The Adventures of Mark Twain

    The Adventures of Mark Twain


    Vastly underrated claymation film, probably due to it's limited release. The Adventures of Mark Twain is probably the best ode to the great man that will ever be made. The reason that I rate the film so highly isn't just for that reason though - the film is perfectly paced. Unlike a well-paced film, in which the viewer may still be able to keep track of time, this film goes completely by without ever inspiring one to even guess how long they've been watching for.

  • Kung Fu Panda

    Kung Fu Panda


    Rewatched for the first time in years because the scene where Tai Lung escapes from prison has made such an impression on my mind. On review, it doesn't just hold up - it's unironically the greatest movie ever made. Yes, it is better than Citizen Kane and Vertigo and Seven Samurai and whatever else movies exist. Kung Fu Panda is number one.

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  • Kingsman: The Blue Blood

    Kingsman: The Blue Blood

    Kingsman 4: Kingsman 3

  • The Devil's Passkey

    The Devil's Passkey

    As of now, this is a lost film. However, there is hope; Kevin Brownlow, the film restorationist who dedicated his life to reconstructing the original 5 hour cut of Abel Gance's Napoleon, says that there's a print at the cinematheque in Cuba.