Beanpole ★★★


This has been a difficult film for me to assess. I can't say that I enjoyed it all that much but at the same time I can easily say that it is a technical achievement and an interesting film to say the least. The performances, cinematography, and overall atmosphere of the film are all very interesting and unique. Furthermore, the character dynamics are extremely strange and disturbing, something I did really enjoy about the film. There are a few moments that really disturbed me and really made me not want to look, and for the most part these scenes were crafted with brilliance. I think what makes this film suffer is that it feels a lot longer than it actually is, even if it isn't even that long in the first place. To call this movie boring at portions is a huge understatement in my opinion and the director did not do the greatest job at pacing the film. There are a lot of bland scenes that almost find themselves unnecessary where I even dozed off a tiny bit (I was extremely tired going into it though). Like I said though, the film is definitely well crafted on a technical level for the majority and I can see some people loving this one when it comes out. So look out for this one for sure.

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