Jonathan Milott

Jonathan Milott

I co-directed Cooties, Bushwick, and Becky with Cary Murnion.

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  • Minari



    This movie is like an Apple product, so human and minimal in its design that it appears simple, but that clean precision purposefully camouflages the complexity and allows for a purely emotional response.

  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot


    If this movie teaches us anything, it’s that when you are trying to murder someone, double check that they are dead. 

    Dark stylish fun. I bought into the skewed tone immediately, which is vital to enjoying the twisted humor and meanness.

    I think a lot of people are misunderstanding the filmmakers intent. Structurally, it’s a very clever film with all but the old lady character being evil assholes. Up until the last few minutes I kept wondering if Pikes character…

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  • Becky



    I made it, so I think it's awesome :)
    Hope you enjoy it too.

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    This film is just like Paddington - the main character has a flat arc and doesn’t change, which means the world around them changes. I feel like that type of film is much more difficult to pull off so kudos to Fennell.