Cruella ★★★½

old ip this. corporate greed that. and yes. but idk this was fun and i have a spot in my heart for cruella as my mom rocked the fuck out of her halloween costume in the 90’s.

this was fun even if a little sleepy. i’m trash for a rag tag heist crew, and also newly trash for 60’s/70’s london thanks to last night in soho, so on that count i was just having fun an vibing. head open, no thoughts, as always.

normally im one to be like, whyyyyyy is this getting a sequel. but honestly a sequel sound for fun. straight heists and team dynamics and no plot. love it.

and lastly the cruella devil song in the post credit unearthed childhood movies of my dad singing it. i told my mom this and she said, “oh yeah he used to sings it to me.” i then asked why exactly or just because of the movie? “oh because i was such a bitch”, she said. so there’s that <3.

also like you mom could never she was a perfect cruella running around the neighborhood screaming, “give me your puppies.” iconic.

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