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  • Written on the Wind

    Written on the Wind


    I'm working on this theory that every Douglas Sirk movie has a Christopher Nolan movie counterpart. If All That Heaven Allows is Inception, then Magnificent Obsession is Tenet and I think that makes Written on the Wind The Dark Knight.

  • Wonder Wheel

    Wonder Wheel


    I have not been able to stop thinking about Wonder Wheel since I saw it weeks ago and it plagues me. Was it terrible or genius? Was it concept art or delusion? I honestly don't know, but I think it's worth 5 stars, one way or the other. Imagine a special-needs high school class wrote their own Tennessee Williams play and it was performed by two iconic, English actresses pretending to be from Long Island and then shot by one…

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  • The Mystery of the Leaping Fish

    The Mystery of the Leaping Fish


    Remember the days when you used to work from home with a biscuit tin crudely labeled "cocaine" on your desk? And that butler of yours who was clearly just a skeleton? And that time you played checkers with the mad hatter while shooting intravenous drugs? Accidentally-on-purpose the most Monty Python meets Craig Ferguson meets Bill Hader's Stephon (proto-Seventh Seal and Destiny) menagerie known to man. Maybe also the first stoner comedy ever. Prime for a remake!

  • Ghosts of Rome

    Ghosts of Rome


    Fellini and Bava’s heads must have exploded when they saw this. Imagine a broad comedy prequel to Juliet of the Spirits and Kill, Baby, Kill. Even weirder is that the theme from Love and Anarchy is originally from this movie!!!!