Squid Game

Squid Game ★★★★★


The script is a ticking clock that will glue you to the screen, as shows of this genre should do by constantly making the audience question "what would I do in that situation?". The whole point of shows like this is to become extremely relatable. Despite the cold violence, gore, and blood, the story does not lack all the emotional impact that it's supposed to generate. When you add the social commentary Squid Game is trying to build, here you have a solid picture that I personally believe will become a cult if it hasn't done so already.

Everything is immersive and brilliant. Beautiful scoring, enchanting set design, and immaculate visuals are some of the ingredients that will keep you hooked. Along with exceptional performances from a remarkable ensemble. The personality changes that Ki-hoon, played by Lee Jung-jae, goes through is an acting masterclass. Other notable work from actors came from Wi Ha-joon, Oh Young-soo, Kim Joo-ryoung, and Lee Byung-hun.

Squid Game grips you through 9 episodes that are realistic enough for you to buy-in and constantly challenge yourself.

*Chef's kiss*

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