Another solid flick from 2020,
 I’m rushing trough the last couple thats I haven’t seen, that have been mentioned on top ten lists of favourite podcasts of mine, this was mentioned on a couple and I had pasted up on it so I’m glad I got around to it as it a pretty darn good flick!

This is another film that deals with a sibling having to take care of a parent with a mental illness (100% a 2020 theme for horror) but he also suffers from depression & loneliness himself so finds himself looking for “love” in the VHS dating sites of old (its a trip seeing them again!) & comes across this Rent-A-pal VHS which is basically a virtual type he becomes more and more obsessed with his “new” pal he starts to loose his grip on reality with dire consequences!!

This film is great, the lead performance is so good, I genuinely felt soo bad from him throughout, even when sit hits the fan i was still on his side as i understood his depression & what he wasn’t going through! But his performance really sold it for me.

And what’s even more of a trip is this Rent-a-pal VHS  is actually a real thing & when i went on YT after watching this I came across the person who actually done the video and yes its just as creepy as Wil Wheaton ..its sooooo WEIRD!! Lol

Another doozie from 2020!