Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★★

ANOTHER movie where Tony Stark is the cause of all the bad things.

How has this man not been brought up on War Crimes?

But in all honestly this is one of the 3 MCU movies I consider to be genuinely good. The other two being Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy.

In it we get a lot of Spider-man dealing with Spider-man problems and not some stupid alien invasion trying to take over the world, aliens that could be beaten by a high school basketball team with pointy sticks.

Though I don't know how Zandaya got top billing over Laura Harrier when all Michelle Jones does is be "too cool for this movie." Ungh.

The good. Laura Harrier does what she need to do with the character. Keaton is a damn good vulture, and actually pulls off the "I'm going to justify my villainy" well

We get to see Peter Parker cry, a moment of weakness you never get out of male heroes, and then pull himself up and still save the day, and the bad guy. Something this franchise never does.

Tom Holland is likable, and that is an important thing in a movie spending this much time with him.

The humour mostly works. The action is fun and creative, something the MCU has been missing the past 2 phases.

But I have to harp on Stark some more. The boat scene, if Tony Stark spent 2 FUCKING MINUTES to explain his plan to Peter, it never would have happened. "Who do you think called the authorities."


So yes, the movies only failing was the connective tissue to the MCU as a whole. Nice to see the character in something good after his debut in the unwatchable Civil War... YES I'd rather watch Mummy Maniac than Civil War

More of this please Marvel

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