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  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    The Invisible Man was pretty disappointing. There are things about this film that I enjoyed and it's not without merit, but the presentation in the second half ruined the entire movie. The first half showcased purposeful framing and intelligence pacing. I absolutely loved the film's opening and its usage of visual storytelling, but the film spirals into stupidity pretty fast. There are plenty of gaping holes in logic, especially in the second half, but I wouldn't mind them if the…

  • Beastie Boys Story

    Beastie Boys Story


    Beastie Boys Story was an enjoyable ride into a group that I had no previous knowledge of. Before seeing this film, I could only tell you one or two songs from Beasties Boys. I had heard "Intergalactic" and "Sabotage" before seeing this film, but they hadn't really stuck with me all that much. With all that being said, I've grown much more of an appreciation for them after seeing this documentary; not necessarily for their music, but more for their…

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  • The Little Things

    The Little Things


    The Little Things provides a generic, dull and derivate experience that I won't remember within a week. While I didn't find this film to be as boring as I was expecting, it was certainly bad in many ways. The biggest issue with this film is the acting. The worst performance in the movie is from Jared Leto, who is so terrible that he often comes across as comical. His disposition, cadence and pronunciation all feel like they're coming from a…

  • Shook



    Shook is terrible, and it's not even ironically funny. It was boring, stale, repetitive, horribly acted, terribly written, technically incompetent, and pathetic. It's honestly difficult for me to describe everything that's wrong with this film within the time-frame of a written review. This is one of those movies that makes me want to delve in-depth about everything terrible in it. I may do a complex review of this in the future, but I'm not making any promises. This is one of the worst movies I've seen in years, and I don't want to revisit it anytime soon.