Knives Out ★★★★★

I was blown away by this film, easily the most enjoyable viewing experience I’ve had in a long time. The crafting of the story is mind blowing, and I loved virtually every twist and turn in its fullest extent. 

Cinematography was near perfect, and the editing flowed absolutely seamlessly. The music was also unobtrusive but highly effective. 

The cast was the icing on the cake, everyone nailing their roles. Daniel Craig is an incredible man and Chris Evans was also a perfect choice. Michael Shannon was basically his character in the Shape of Water with a moustache, but that didn’t really matter in the film’s context. Toni Collette was also a stand out.

I felt Fran could have been on screen a little more throughout the beginning-middle of the film, as could have Jacob the child, but other than that the characters were flawless. 

An incredible experience I did not want to end. 

Dare I say I enjoyed it more than Parasite.

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