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  • Tropical Malady

    Tropical Malady


    Quite glad i watched this at 3am because the 2nd half was so surrealist and delirious i think it benefited my immersion.

    The first half is a wonderfully done romance with a unique approach to it's visual and dialogue build-up of the relationship and with excellent characters, then doing a huge 720° into this arthouse, kind of horror story that i still don't quite understand, but definetly going to be thinking about a lot

  • The Letter Room

    The Letter Room


    Happy Oscars nomination day, this short is nominated for best short film and you can buy it for £4.99 onVimeo right now, i'd say it's worth the price

    The film has a excellent soundtrack and feel to it, it's not a exaggerated lookinh film, very grounded and it ends on probably one of my favourite final shots of all time, simplicist but carries a lot of narrative weight, Oscar Isaac is excellent as always but a special shoutout to Alia…

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  • Da 5 Bloods

    Da 5 Bloods


    It takes a film-maker with a life and passion like Spike Lee to make something so raw, morally and emotionally complex and experimentally large scale as Spike Lee

    This is a raw, raw film, from the opening montage the film doesn't let up in it's grit and pain, the film couldn't release at a way more important time if it tried. This film covers every possible angle of subject matter and flawlessly. Almost all of the dialogue feels so natural…

  • New York New York

    New York New York