Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya and the Last Dragon ★★★½

Hell yeah. Been a while since I experienced a feel good animated film in the morning. Great action adventure film that might be one of the best Disney has put out in years. Since Moana?

Loved the animation. Uncanny valley hit hard, I could not believe some of the locations were created by some geeks in an office. The water... the water! A year packed with John Wick vehicles for various movie stars, wasn't expecting the best action to come from a Disney Princess film. Think it was a huge mistake on Disney's end for sending this to Premiere Access. Bunch of bozos over there trying to kill two of the best animated films they've put out in quite a bit.

Shoutout to close-ups on the foot sweeping. Need more of that in live action, that's the good shit.

Miscast with Awkwafina. Tried to capture the spirit of Genie & Kuzco with the modern day quips that just did not work with a post apocalyptic martial arts adventure.