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I literally like almost every movie.

Sometimes my reviews are short but not always 🤨

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  • Horimiya




    Honestly I needed something like this, so wholesome and fun. I really really enjoy watching this kind of series and I really really feel like shit when finishing them. 

    I really felt like we could see a lot more of the lives of these characters and I really felt interested in them. Everything happened in school or at Hori’s house. But I would’ve loved to see them on a vacation episode or something like that.

    Anyway, go watch it.…

  • Postman Blues

    Postman Blues


    This movie had ages in my watchlist. 

    Postman Blues is the fun and kind of abstract Story about a postman that ends up involved in lots of trouble after meeting an old friend who just joined the Yakuza’s.

    I really expected something completely different from this movie. But it was very very cool anyway. I really liked it. There’s an amazing and super funny reference of Brigitte Lin. And the whole movie just has some really carefree vibes. Honestly there’s…

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  • Given



    I mean yes i knew that this was going to be about Haruki and Kaji but I missed my boys. 

    :( Man, This wasn’t Given. I knew that a movie after 11 episodes of pure perfection, this wasn’t going to be a good idea. This felt like 59 minutes of a first act and then it just doesn’t hit. They used Mafuyu’s song as a pure trigger for the feelings of other characters when we were used to see the…

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Finally I got to watch this.

    The thing. We all know what this is about. An alien that can be anything it wants, is tearing apart a group of researchers in Antarctica. But THIS ALIEN HAS TO BE CAREFUL. Because humans have a young Kurt Russell!!

    Okay so yes, Classic, instant and definite classic. I can really feel the inspiration of In the Mountains of Madness by Lovecraft and I loved that. This movie besides being perfect on it’s own.…