Solaris ★★★★★

Art best resembles being. 
Man exists for what purpose—we are not means to an end. 
We don’t reproduce with something more in mind than to continue as a species. 
Art, similarly, is not a solution to anything, it just is, and can serve as a tool for expanding awareness. In its purest state it is a direct recording of being that then becomes its own being. 
Like trees, we sew our seed and grow upwards. We reach for the sun, but, ultimately, what for? What is gained by continuing to live? 
We might be different as humans, as beings who are aware of awareness itself. The one thing that we are sure of, is that we are on paths of widening awareness.
Are we meant to meet other cosmic life and join forces and intelligence? This still does not propose an end, just further widening of awareness. 
Brueghel’s The Hunters in the Snow, which receives so much attention in the movie, is a recording of this complete world, like a little planet. It radiates life and seems to have its own being. We can learn from it and it helps expand our awareness. Is the painting like Solaris, which is both cosmic life and alien planet?
Back to the painting, why do we like it? Why was Brueghel inclined to paint it? Is art really the extension of our absurd beings—means without ends?
In the movie, Solaris, the planet, is trying to make sense of the people on board the ship. The planet creates fake beings to interact with the people onboard. It wants to observe how the people respond to stimulus, as though they were lab mice. Once the people reach the planet through radiation, however, there is some connection between the conscious planet and people, and the planet figures out how to appease them, which includes taking away the fake beings. 
If we explore the universe, it is most likely that once we leave this galaxy and enter another, all the sense and order that we will have experienced in our own galaxy will no longer exist, and we will be subject to new laws of physics, new elements, new everything. 
Is there something truly universal— true across all galaxies, something that we just don’t understand quite yet. The curious mind seems to be in pursuit of this total truth. We must do exactly as our creative mind tells us, and hopefully we will uncover this truth.