Loki ★★

Wow so overall I did not like this show eveysingle show on Disney plus has the same structure (mandalorian included) where the first episode is slow but has promise then ends on a wtf then it bores you for 3 episodes giving a few more crumbs of mystery to keep your subscription then it has a pretty exciting one that gets you interested for a nothing finale, every episode after 2 I was just watching waiting for it to end these shows are way too slow paced for how much time they have they are acting like they have game of thrones time but nope its like 20 minute Saturday morning cartoon time its frustrating and it feels like your wasting your time you never really get a pay off, go in with low expectations and I'm sure you'll like it maybe.

Also these shows are so low budget looking and its painful to look at impossible to get immersed when things look this cheap

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