Suicide Squad

[Task #21 of "Scavenger Hunt 15 – June 2016"]

My extensive and reasonably pragmatic review of Suicide Squad just deleted itself and this movie does not deserve a second one written about it (also I'm too angry to do one), so let me just haphazardly get this off my chest:

I pride myself on being understanding towards a movie and the people involved with its creation. If there's at least an ounce of passion present, I will always (okay, mostly) respect the filmmakers and give them props for cementing their ambitions. And who am I to criticise anyway? That's a common question we all know too well I believe, but it really gets to me. These people are accomplishing feats and I'm denouncing them from behind a keyboard while I clumsily work towards goals they've conquered.

But, I digress.

I try to be delicate with my criticisms and not get caught up in viciously damning spiels, but to Suicide Squad I say screw this.

This is a miserable film. A miserable film that pummels us with lazy video game-esque animations to circumvent finesse and a pompous idea that thinks it is more novel than it actually is (which is zilch). Performances may not be an obtruding issue (Smith is Smith, Robbie's a victim of skewed direction), but there still is a generous amount of "squeeze the arms of my chair because that's the only way to endure the cringe" acting present. Speaking of which, Leto's Joker is abysmal. He went through all the method acting shtick (or so the media says to get eyes on the film) and what's the end result? A coked up adolescent who went to the hairspray stall at a fair and writes on himself to externalize his edgy delusions of superiority. A symphony of over-compensation. It's so obvious from the start that no one has faith in his rendition either. To use the obvious example, Heath Ledger was positioned in frame and the rest fell on his shoulders. It was what was so refreshing about The Dark Knight's incarnation - a grounded, stripped down study. All the blood-curdling formidability emanated from him. Suicide Squad on the other hand micromanages Leto and compensates for his misjudged performance by overlaying crazy edits that are a cringe-worthy shorthand for distress and scenes focusing solely on him laughing like a goddamn cockatoo so we are aware this man isn't quite right in the head.

Anyway, this is awful. I actually screamed when the credits rolled. Not just saying this, I screamed (wasn't alone so it's not like I was a crazy viewer screaming alone...this time at least) and then sat in shock with a thousand yard stare.

Trash. Kill it before it breeds.

Side-Note: Viola Davis needs to be the lead in an action film. She's fantastically badass and deserved sooooo much better.

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