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  • Damien: Omen II

    Damien: Omen II


    "At last, a happy ending for a change—who wants a corned beef sandwich?"

    The inevitable sequel, downgraded in almost every way—ironically, its budget is double that of The Omen, yet it looks in every sense cheaper—and happy to simply retread the beats of the original, albeit with more pace, and upping the body count, though all of these deaths, excepting the classic elevator guillotine, are dull and routine, and one of them is simply someone having a heart attack after…

  • Xtro



    "Cheap foreign bulbs!"

    Three years after a father vanished in a flash of light, he returns... changed, in a film as Lovecraftian as it is sci-fi, an escalation from the mundane to the otherworldly, the unusual and grotesque, and into the realms of nightmare—and not making it back—and yet ultimately a film about tacit acceptance, like E.T. with inverted family values, Alien with home delivery, or Starman, two years early, but with teeth, and propagating your au pair.

    As writer,…

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  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    At times, exhilaratingly watchable... however - immediately narratively disorienting, with many fake-out moments and puerile video game plotting, while whiplash retcon revisionism destroys much engagement and gleefully contradicts previous continuity; cloying fan service and repeated motifs and music cues render everything - in general and in the moment - largely predictable, even as the story makes not the least bit of sense, either constructionally or thematically.

  • Ravenous



    "I said no food, I didn't say there was nothing to eat. You understand. Do you understand? I suppose I owe you gentlemen a story."

    Pearce excels as a mid-19th century American soldier, less coward than battle-weary survivor, assigned to a remote fort of oddballs—the earnest soldier, the religious fanatic, Native Americans, the drunk, and the gung-ho colonel, all doing their best as the Representations of Man—in a set-up very similar in plot and intent to The Ninth Configuration, but…