XX ★★

This thing is pretty poorly put together and there's not much of value even divorcing the shorts from the anthology format.

The opening short is corny and poorly acted, and its also got completely unnecessary narration and takes itself way too seriously to be as hamfisted as it is.

The second short is a bad comedy-horror segment that functions neither as a comedy nor as a horror short, and great performers are completely wasted.

The third short comes close to working but is so generic as to not even justify much discussion. It exists and it does exactly what you think it will.

The only short that works for me at all is Kusama's which even then has a handful of not-so-hot performances and some really amateurish dialogue going on.

There's no connectivity between the shorts, it's just three shorts of bad-to-mediocre quality stapled together and then Kusama's slightly above average one.