Hunter แดดแดฐ

Hunter แดดแดฐ

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  • Crime Wave
  • Microhabitat
  • In a Year with 13 Moons
  • Killer of Sheep

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  • Day of Wrath


  • The Year of the Everlasting Storm


  • C'mon C'mon


  • Red Rocket


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  • Day of Wrath

    Day of Wrath


    When thy sheep thou hast selectedย 
    From the goats, may I, respected,ย 
    Stand amongst them undetected.ย 

    Day of Wrath casts a stark horizontal shadow on morality. Carl Theodor Dreyer pans through the paradox of humanity against faith and forsaken love. A crushing full-bodied experience pondering the unforgiving responsibility in the contrasts of oppression. Black and white has never been this sharp in the blurred shadows of such an ambiguously ethical feature. The camera somberly sweeps and holds the scenes inโ€ฆ

  • The Year of the Everlasting Storm

    The Year of the Everlasting Storm


    The Year of the Endless Pandemic Anthologies

Popular reviews

  • Hour of Lead

    Hour of Lead

    The five stages of a random psychological thriller on Netflix grief are:

    Denial that a newer crime thriller on a steaming service can be decent and I optimistically click play.ย 

    Anger at being simultaneously underwhelmed with boring and wildly confused surprises.

    Bargaining the painful awkwardness will all make sense in the end.

    Depression that this whole movie is only made for a twist ending.

    Acceptance that I lost a hour and fiftyish minutes when I could be rewatching Twin Peaks episodes.

    Loved the Twilight Easter eggs though Mr. Cullens...

  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot

    Dang, the Russian mobย has really lost it's touch if they can't even successfully get someone out of a nursing home or kill two people.ย 

    Capitalism = bad
    Rosamund Pike vaping = good

    The film is so close to make you go along with Marla and the story. I understand that's not the point and we are made to not like her and what America (greed) stands for but nothing is earned in the dark comedy. The main character is predatorinessโ€ฆ