Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★

Two words: zombie tiger
That is the perfect symbol of Army of the Dead. The idea of an undead big cat is dumb and silly but you can’t deny it’s kind of badass. 

Army of the Dead is tacky, messy, and at times genius? Sadly Snyder’s second entry in the zombie genre doesn’t reach what could’ve been a modern zombie refresher for being entertaining and unique to the genre. First off, I don’t really understand these zombies. A better backstory of characters including the zombies’s rules and the addition of writing actual characters would’ve helped tremendously. I see a lot do not like the photography choices with Snyder filling in as DP but I actually think that’s one of the strong points in giving me something outrageous and at times unique to look at during a dense story. You can’t say it’s not trying. 

It’s hard to believe that specific type movies like money heist and zombies haven’t been merged before let alone one set in Las Vegas. So kudos on that but it’s somehow too much Vegas-y while still never using the Vegas culture to full potential. I never felt like I was actually in Vegas. So much zombie tits and no decrepit gangrene zombie dicks. Boo! Step it up it’s a 2021 zombie flick in Las Vegas pedal to fucking metal. Why not?  Nothing super memorable.

That cut to Tig as a self aware jab at Chris D’Elia was well worth my monthly Netflix subscription fee.

We get it! If they have the safe cracker “comically” high pitch scream one more time I think I’m gonna scream. 

Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon. Okay, that sadly made me laugh. Zach Snyder’s trademark of all the popular songs did get maddening at times but using a cover of The Cranberries “Zombie” in a zombie movie is brilliant. At this point it’s just adding fuel to fire with ever choice of song.

It’s shameless. It’s gaudy and loud. It’s like a gourmet Big Mac. It’s still a Big Mac. Although I can honestly respect Zach Snyder going balls to wall in being unapologetically his style. So god bless there are still some filmmakers with a true vision that don’t take themselves so seriously.

Technically I wouldn't say it’s good, whatever that means, but I recommend a watch especially in a group setting if you have those things called friends. It’s pretty ordinary and common at this point for a zombie movie. What can I say I had fun and I’ve come to the realization I might just not like fun.

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