Us ★★★★½

Duality is all around us. There is duality in privilege - the contrast ofAmerican privilege to the overwhelming poverty in other “third-world” countries. There is duality within our own selves - to label yourself as a good person is difficult when you compare the great things you’ve done to the awful. There was duality in the Hands Across America campaign - Ronald Reagan rallied to have a human chain span across the entire country to raise money and awareness for homelessness, while not even a week earlier blamed the country’s hunger problem on the poor.

Lupita Nyong’o’s performance in this film is on a completely different level. Her transformation into Red renders her completely unrecognizable as herself, despite the characters being unraveled from the same thread. The score is also out of this world amazing. It leaves this sizzling feeling in your gut, like the feeling of someone standing behind you but you just can’t turn around.

Us is a horror film that not only chills you to the bone with it’s disturbing storytelling and visuals, but really makes you look at yourself in a lens of criticism, and makes looking up into the mirror a little bit harder.

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