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  • Happy Together

    Happy Together


    Thinking about the use of color grading in this film because WKW really pull off using black and white and colored cinematography in the same film and it works so well.

  • Cleaners



    There's something about this film that other high school films just don't have—nostalgia. Cleaners really did make me yearn back for my junior high school days: the odd simplicity of being a teen stuck in high school. The film was fun and nostalgic from the start but ends with a powerful message. I'm still amazed that this was filmed, photocopied the frames, highlighted one-by-one, then edited it back to become a film again. A masterpiece.

    Note: Watched this film together with the best supporting actress—Angeli. TAMA BEHAVIOR ME THINKS!

    BTS of creating Cleaners: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vyl8j-EF_t8

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  • Freaky



    you’re black. i’m gay. we are so dead

    Great performances all around from start to finish!

  • Arrival



    I am just flabbergasted. I love a meaty metaphor. self-reflection and destruction. plucking at human propensity. Literally a MASTERPIECE.