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  • The Happening

    The Happening


    What can you say about a guy like Night? A Philly boy with no fear. No one who worries about the possibility of humiliation could make a movie like this one. People spent twelve hour days setting up menacing shots of trees blowing in the breeze and lighting Alan Ruck saying “There appears to be an event happening.” A guy turns on a big industrial lawnmower and lies down in front of it. It was someone’s job to find that…

  • Gladiator



    A perfect year 2000 movie... the nexus between 90s prestige filmmaking and 21st century self serious Hans Zimmer CGI pop fantasy. "Yes I am entertained" - me

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  • Tenet



    Best color, music, lighting, editing, production design, textiles, vibes, and all around performances of any Nolan picture. Estonian arterial highways, untaxed ports, shipping containers, cargo tarmacs... there is nothing cooler than seeing a bunch of good looking people hang out in the liminal zones of global capitalism. Didn’t understand a single thing that was happening. 3.9 stars which I am rounding up to 4 due to the limitations of this webpage.

  • Jaws



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    A "whale" of a time!