Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★★½

For some reason I'd ignored this for some time. Not sure why, it just seems to have flew under my radar. Thankfully I've rectified my mistake.

What an incredible amount of fun. Can't single out my favorite dialogue/moment as I would be here all day. Downey beginning getting his career back in order and three years before Iron Man is a great foil for the events around him. Showing the quick wit and humour that would be his trademark when he would finally get back into the A-list it's a wonderful performance that coupled with some hilarious narration may be his finest.

Kilmer though is even better. "Gay" Perry may be one of my favourite characters that have seen in sometime. Gets all the best lines, constantly brings a smile to your face and makes a fantastic duo with downey and his frustration with him from the start is funny as hell.

Why Shane Black hasn't directed anything after this until next years Iron man 3 is a big mystery. his script is filled with hilarious lines, meta-humour and the frame work with the narration and how the story is presented and told is a delight. Iron Man 3 is in great hands and watching this has probably raised my expectations.

By the Box office results a criminally ignored gem, hilarious with lines that will be stuck in my head for a while . I can see why it has quite the cult following. The commentary track on it interests me and is a reason (as if i needed any) to watch this again as soon as possible.

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