The Meg ★★★½

"Haven't you seen Shark Week?"

So after many years of development hell, THE MEG finally made it to the surface of cinema like I had always hoped it would. As a fan of this classic sea creature thriller penned by Steve Alten, seeing the movie was super excited. Doubly so cause this was the film I saw when I first met my long lost niece so it has even a closer place in my heart.

Hence why I honestly felt that this would be the perfect movie to start my podcast, IT CAME FROM A MONSTER MOVIE! with.

THE MEG as a book was really fun (though honestly I felt the franchise eventually started to get a little whackadoodle after the third book) and the film takes the original novel and in a way...improves on it.

While it does dumb itself down and yes, there is the whole "China and Hollywood" partnership is obvious. Its a good time regardless. It is a somewhat refreshing take on the overdone "shark film" and the effects of it work well. Also super surprising to see Jason Statham as the lead science guy. Honestly...did not picture him as the type from the novel but I do think he was a surprisingly solid choice. The film has refreshing new takes on the shark scares and the characters are great and fun.

If you want to hear more in depth (see the pun ;) ) commentary on this film, check out Episode 1 of ICFAMMPodcast where I, Henry the Host, and my editor and best friend Zach reviewed it to start our career as podcasters.

As we say on the show, Catch ya on the flip!

ICFAMM Grade: B-