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  • Spencer



    Like with Zeros and Ones a few days ago, there’s something honestly quite frustrating in the way Larraín - and Ferrara too - keeps on insisting and reiterating peculiar fragments (Spencer), if not entire themes (Zeros and Ones), making them shift from completely acceptable at first, to boring if not plain insufferable after time.

    Very toned down, that’s how I felt towards Knight & Larraín’s insisted juxtaposition of Diane’s figure with Anne Boleyn, that starts off just for the creeps and…

  • The Burning Buddha Man

    The Burning Buddha Man


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Less focused, less mature work from visionary Japanese animator Ujicha, compared to his second feature Violence Voyager.

    Junji Ito’s influences are also less obvious, as the body horror elements, always predominant anyway, shift towards Cronenberg, and The Fly in particular.
    The bleakness, insanity of Violence Voyager is sacrificed for humor and parody’s sake (Is that a fucking MEGAZORD from Power Rangers made of Buddhas’ flesh? YOOOOOOOO), but I can’t deny its merits. The Burning Buddha Man & Violence Voyager’s horrors are probably the…

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  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho


    A Nightmare on Elm Street The Shining Repulsion (every movie can be linked with) Ms .45 (if you are depressed enough) Suspiria Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno Don’t Look Now Carrie Edgar Wright you fucking boomer

  • The Crypt Monster

    The Crypt Monster

    Ah si anche io çínëfįlø ogni volta che sono sveglio mi dico “ma questa è una citazione a Nightmare” e successivamente eiaculo dal culo

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  • Holiday on Mars

    Holiday on Mars


    [✅] Husband hates wife
    [✅] Husband is cheating on wife
    [✅] Marriage is awful
    [✅] Phone bad
    [✅] Technology bad
    [✅] Women bad
    [✅] Awful punchlines
    [❌] Boobs
    [❌] Naked people
    [✅] Sex jokes
    [❌] Fart jokes
    [✅] Snore jokes
    [✅] Vulgar jokes (x10)
    [✅] Child abuse funny 
    [✅] Frociazzi-di-merda-andrebbero-messi-tutti-al-rogo are funny
    [❌] Teen doesn’t know how books work
    [✅] Fuck Tuscany 
    [✅] 69

    SCORE: [14/18]
    VALUATION: I’d watch again while committing domestic violence

  • The Night Eats the World

    The Night Eats the World


    Where the first thing you do after a zombie apocalypse is cleaning
    The fucking