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  • Fe



    earth, flowers and a stone are placed on top of a broken plastic toy. the grave is amongst the remains of an abandoned factory; a monolith of steel and iron, rising up to the skies. spheric devotional music accentuates the importance of the scene even further. the old man runs his fingers over the cold walls of the manmade tower.

    "It is like the scales of a reptile, or the bark of a tree."

    nature and industry are the main…

  • Le Doulos

    Le Doulos


    "Cela m'a coûté un imperméable; presque neuf!"

    released 1962, Le Doulos tries to walk the line between film noir and nouvelle vague. ex-con Maurice plans a robbery. some other hard-boiled criminals are involved. there's a gun, a murder, a femme fatale, plenty of deception, the robbery and the ensuing final shoot-out.
    except it's French new wave and the film is only about to commence, setting up an intricate plot of double-crosses, misconceptions, and even a protagonist exchange midway through.

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  • The Forest of Love: Deep Cut

    The Forest of Love: Deep Cut


    ugh, here we go again.
    Sion Sono directed a new film and called it The Forest of Love. being unhappy with the outcome he added two hours of material a year later, chopped it up into a miniseries and here we are: The Forest of Love: Deep Cut [cue Hollow Me by Yura Yura Teikoku ~kuudoooo~]

    the story is relatively simple for a Sion Sono film. there are high school girls, plenty of blood, some emotions, and more skin, a…

  • The King and the Mockingbird

    The King and the Mockingbird


    holy cybernetics! take a shot every time a trap door appears.

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  • Mank



    surprisingly lacklustre

  • A Touch of Zen

    A Touch of Zen


    it seems that sometimes a classic is a classic just for the sake of it. A Touch of Zen is an unstructured mess of a film where characters pop in and out of the storyline as they please. the oh so heralded cinematography is led by distorted wide-angle shots and hectic zooms, while the overall zen philosophy gets lost somewhere amongst the dozens of bodies.