Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

I've meant to rewatch this movie as the first time I watched it was when I was getting some work done and had it on, but I did not focus on it, so I did not get a feel for the movie like I wanted to.

The movie tells of the culture that surrounded Hollywood during 1969, and it is very surface level. There are multiple storylines taking place that all end up coming together in the end.

I liked the representation Sharon Tate got, simply because it was the most respectful it could be 
(except for Tarantino's foot fetish taking over and also not giving her much to do other than frolic around when I'm sure she did plenty in her life).

I do have some gripes with this movie, though. For one, Tarantino needs to stop with the foot fetish; once is fine, I guess, but it's repeatedly going on throughout the movie. The second is that I didn't particularly appreciate how Margaret Qualley was sexualized because it was not in a very respectful way and was very unnecessary. Third, Bruce Lee's representation was awful, and I don't trust Tarantino just because he said he met Bruce, and that is how he acts. I doubt Bruce was arrogant and if anything, Bruce Lee was more likely proud of making it in an industry that barely had representation at the time. The fourth and last point is that Charles Manson plot was lacking, and he was hardly in it as if he was not involved in real life; I know Tarantino rewrote the story to be respectful, but rewriting it would mislead people, especially if they are not well versed in the history of what happened. 

All of the points I have noted are why the movie holds back from being the greatest. It is a decent enough film that deserves a one-time watch, but I don't think there's anything beyond that.