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  • Don't Knock The Rock

    Don't Knock The Rock


    Like most early rock 'n roll films it's more about the music than the plot although this plot is a little better than most as it's about a town that thinks rock 'n roll is corrupting its youth and the kids get together with some musicians to prove them wrong. My dad was a big Bill Haley fan so I grew up listening to his old 45s so I really enjoyed watching him but the act that steals the show…

  • Jamboree!



    The plot is paper thin and the acting not much denser but if you're watching it for either of those you're watching it for the wrong reasons. Watch it to see some of the early stars of rock 'n roll perform! My personal favorite was Fats Domino but seeing wee baby Frankie Avalon was also fun. You also can see Dick Clark before he was a household name -- Bandstand had not yet gone national when this was made.

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  • Clue



    Husband's favorite movie and he had an urge to watch it tonight. It would've just been rude to refuse. 😉

  • Double Dynamite

    Double Dynamite


    It's sweet and fluffy -- like a movie marshmallow. Groucho is more restrained than usual and Frank and Jane are just so adorably innocent. The plot is simple but fun and it keeps its pace throughout.