The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

For the Wittertainees: when it comes to Mark or Robbie, I always lean Mark. He's right on Hereditary, he's right on Michael Bay, he's right on everything, to the point I used to find myself wanting to shout 'no!' at Robbie.

But Robbie does have a point about Lanthimos's films being cold, and seeing the majestic and funny Favourite on the same day as the more emotionally engaging Colette made for some conflict.

The Favourite is the better film, yes. Lanthimos makes off-kilter movies, but they're made with precision. Each artificially strained line is delivered exactly how he wants it to be, each movement is hyper deliberate, and all of that stuff. He's an extremely capable pair of hands.

And this is a nasty film. How Stone and Weisz's characters treat each other is quite horrid, and on the day, it was the last thing I wanted. Maybe it's the last thing the world needs, actually.

But it's seductively playful too, and its emotional coldness benefits how mean everyone is being. It all feels fake, all feels like Lanthimos's period drama playground.

Often I remember films by how they make me feel, and The Favourite didn't make me feel much of anything at all. But I do appreciate its majesty fully, worship the performances, and found it genuinely hilarious.

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