Hard to Be a God

I can see a repressed artist in the Era of Stalin. Comes a grotesque, whimsical, and peculiar film by Aleksey German; an awe-inspiring insane cinematography; a mark in film history; leaving us cinephile in complete utter shock and what comes after this.

Filmed via auteurism in depthless chiaroscuro way of making it appealing and irksome. Set in a planet, Arkanar, where 30 scientists were sent from Earth to rehabilitate the society which haven't even surpassed the Renaissance period, our protagonist, Don Rumata, a secret observer or interloper, walks with relative impunity: this sovereignty is based on his claim to be descended from a God. Astonishingly blends with these barbarians which perfectly encapsulates the Medieval era where intellectuals are scarce or being repressed; seems like we are watching German's unconscious; following one commandment which is no killing, as if every scene should playout as it is with snotty, gritty, and muddy; making it unbearable to watch as if you start to feel pity for each characters.

Thus giving this lingering hope to us viewers for Don Rumata and his citizens that is welcoming for a social change.

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