Whisper of the Heart

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

An underrated Ghibli Gem. Tasteful and yet sophisticated; comes in an inner world experience of a teenager. Shaped together in a way of what it feels like to be an Artist.

Being an Artist myself, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), I related in an emotional way. The story is simple, its a Girl meets Boy, and incoming with him, she soon to find his passion which brings our protagonist to try something new with her life. Shizuku in an attempt, strives to be a novelist, from where we get a glimpse of self-discovery. In film, for dramatic effect, the featured artist tends to exhibit this unrelenting passion. A romanticized obsession about a certain dream, becoming a great film maker for example, a notion for which I don't particularly find it healthy.

I much prefer it by what I just do, it certainly takes a lot of time and money but its part of our identity. This same enigma goes for our Shizuku, she does it not to get fame, it just happens in her mind that she will try it. A rare motivation, Shakib Sir if you are reading this, thanks. And as days past, the determination begins to take a toll, learning this genre isn't enough, I need to learn more and more and being in this competitive state, where as people are appreciating your talent, but you don't care, you are just busy proving to yourself. This depiction of difficulty and how it is showcased, like when someone says they adore your work and your just, "No, its not enough." This self-doubt coming with a realization of what we thought we are, are not. It is scary. Though how many times we improve our art, it will never be good enough, if it is we would just stop improving.

Making talent a trap, this is something I was indoctrinated with but I realized that talent is only page 5, the rest is hard-work. It is something not most people realize. No one is born naturally talented, it is something that comes with a lot of practice.

In spite all this, we crave for feedback and resolution. Even if we expect the worst. Even if we know many out there will judge us harshly. Trust me, you can't judge me harsher than I do. At the end, Shizuku hands her novel to Seiji's uncle to whom she promised to be the first one to read. And in her face there isn't a single shred of excitement and what often waits is a feeling of anxiety.

The climax of the film is a shot of ambivalence, a silent scene, a scene where everything is still. Just time passing, machines moving, awaiting for an answer, for most people it is mellow and calm but for an artist it is suffocating. When finally the answer comes, the dust settles, a reality sinks in, an outburst of cry, it is one of the most cathartic feeling. You will never be rested, you will never be better, but if you look back you will see a long trail that you have overcome.

Writing all this made me realize of how often the media glamourizes mentally ill with being talented. And I can see why, guess we are all hopelessly inconsequential. All you have to know, to know what you are, a gem and just like any gem you need to be polished and be given a slight look to see how bright you shine.