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  • Son of Godzilla

    Son of Godzilla


    This is peak stupid Godzilla. This movie kind of sucks as a Godzilla film but it is ENDLESSLY entertaining. Maybe the most entertaining movie in this series yet.

    I don't know who came up with this goddamn design for Godzilla's son but they need a promotion asap. It's awful, but so fucking funny to watch. The way he moves, the way he sounds, just about everything about him leads to some glorious b-movie shlock. And his relationship to Godzilla.. nothing…

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  • A Town Called Panic

    A Town Called Panic


    This is one to add to the pile of "infinitely rewatchable" films. Love the chaotic, insane energy movie has, instantly woke me up after a long day at work and had me laughing and smiling for 75 minutes. I appreciate it so much, what more could you want? Paradoxically cozy and batshit crazy. Love it.

  • Castaway on the Moon

    Castaway on the Moon


    This film reminded me very much of Amélie, with its quirky style and love story featuring two introverts making that difficult first step into saying "Hello." Very good company to have, I'd say.

    I really really liked this movie. It's sweet, has a nice sense of humor that isn't afraid to get dark, and just made my heart feel so full. The story of a desperate and suicidal man returning to nature, returning to the basics of life, and learning…

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  • Elf Bowling the Movie

    Elf Bowling the Movie


    Elf Bowling the Movie: The Great North Pole Elf Strike, don't believe Letterboxd cowardly censored title, is a masterpiece of pee cinema. It's got everything you want: black elves who rap, songs about slavery being good, and sexy penguins. Sexy dingle. Kevin James as a nazi. It's so good

    Not enough elf bowling though.

  • Dragon Quest: Your Story

    Dragon Quest: Your Story


    I had a bunch of reasons as to why I was mildly curious to see this. The animation looked great, even though I was admittedly disappointed that Akira Toriyama's iconic art style for the series was not used (though to my shock there is a reason for that!!). I've never played Dragon Quest V (or any other in the series for that matter, except for the Demo to XI), so I figured this would be a decent "sparknotes"-esque way that…