Only Yesterday ★★★★★

Honestly was scared going into this rewatch that this film wouldn't hold up as a 5 for me. It's taken me 2+ years to rewatch it for mainly that reason. Can't tell you how happy I am that I was wrong. Will never doubt this movie again.

Anything I write will not do justice to the movie. It's so special and dear to my heart. Only Yesterday is such a complete package, there's no weak link in the entire film. The visuals are inventive, gorgeous, and unlike any other Ghibli movie. The soundtrack is just beautiful, with so much variety and a fantastic ending song to bring everything together. The score and especially the film's story capture the feeling of reminiscing so well, just looking back to your past and having to face the future coming ahead. These themes are so potent and hit me directly in the soul like an oncoming train.

Easily one of the best films I've ever seen. A criminal shame it's so underrated among those I follow and underseen among the rest of letterboxd. It's a true slice-of-life classic with phenomenal animation and a story that really hits like very few others do. The ending has gone two-for-two on making me tear up. I'm not even that old yet, either, how will this film affect me when I'm Taeko's age? At that critical point in life where the next crossroads appears to me? I will await eagerly.

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