Fourteen ½

“... and then somewhat really early in the conversation, their eyes glaze over. And that’s it, everything you say is wasted.”

How was this film so well received? The acting is, frankly, terrible. I could organize an impromptu table reading (of this numbingly banal screenplay) with my friends and it would be exponentially better. Which is to say, I should have spent an hour and a half talking to my friends instead of staring blankly at my television wondering why I continued to watch.
I don’t think I’ve ever listened to so many disingenuous one-sided phone conversations in my life, let alone in a single film. About halfway through we are subjected to a wholly uninspired 3 minute wide shot of a train pulling into and leaving a train station followed by a full minute of the protagonist walking to a house. And don’t even get me started on the bedtime story...

My eyes may have permanently rolled to the back of my head as a result of watching this.
Wow. I am never this negative, but seriously, I want my money back.

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