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  • High School Musical 2

    High School Musical 2


    the thing that bothers me is that there wouldn’t be a problem if troy was FUCKING UPFRONT about EVERYTHING. if you say to your friends and girlfriend “hey i’m sorry i can’t hang out because for some reason this girl wants to help me with my future and i’m gonna roll with that cause i NEED IT” everyone would be like yeah cool sure dude go get that scolarship. BUT NO troy is fucking STUPID and keeps making promises and…

  • Joker



    Sometimes you can’t imagine characters - especially villains - to be real and Joker made Joker real. I’ve had an uncomfortable feeling throughout the entire film. Joaquin Phoenix embraced Joker and he did a phenomenal job.  I’m always overwhelmed by how amazing he is, a living legend if you ask me. The cinematography is incredible. It was great and I had an awful time. In a good way.