Spectre ★★★

Due to my poor time management, I’m writing this minutes before No Time to Die starts. Here’s my brief summary so I’m not typing while the movie’s going on:

It’s not as bad as I heard but still pretty underwhelming compared to Skyfall. It functions well for the most part and the plot is pretty easy to follow I’d say. The performances are all good (although the Christoph Waltz villain was pretty underwhelming, which I never thought I’d say because Christoph Waltz is awesome). The way it tries to tie together the 3 prior Daniel Craig Bond films is admirable but was executed pretty clumsily. I wouldn’t call it bland, just enjoyable weak sauce, if that makes sense. So in total, Spectre… kinda eh but far from bad. I’ll be reporting back soon with my thoughts on the new one.

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