A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★

What if you had to fart?

And why the hell would these two fuck head parents have a fucking baby knowing the consequences? Was Ms. Blunt preggers in the beginning already? SMDH!!!!!

Great premise though. The pacing was tight as a virgin! And some moments were outright intense. I was in the theater with 3 other people - the best way to watch any movie if you ask me. It’s a total date night flick- maybe 3rd date?

The film was well worth the price of admission or MoviePass, but my only gripe is if you bought popcorn, you most likely had a really hard time crunching. I didn’t buy any, in case you were wondering. 

The other thing too was this was reminiscent of Signs. It wasn’t a rip off, both great in their own way but maybe similar in tone? They’d be great as a double billed feature tho. 

I’ll presume that this “popcorn flick” to be shown on basic cable a lot around Thanksgiving.

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