Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

Second viewing...

Ah yes, the second viewing. Is there any more room on that wagon? 

The pacing actually works better the second round. In fact the film flew by like a Has-Been’s career. Har-fucking-har. But here comes the “but.”

But I prefer the first half.

I don’t even care if there is no plot. I enjoyed hanging out with our characters and seeing Los Angeles. It’s just the second half with the narration, the jump in time, I still have qualms with. I can’t remember what I thought about the violence, but this time, felt gratuitous.

I actually wouldn’t have minded seeing Dalton in Italy. Where are those scenes? Just would have been nice to have seen more or him on set. Like why didn’t QT reference that? Clint Eastwood didn’t get along with Leone. So it might’ve been nice to have seen Dalton get kicked around more. And I get that the film is about the unsung heroes of a bygone era, but wouldn’t it have been cooler to have seen Dalton smoking that acid drip cigarette and then kicking some hippie ass? Have him realize, “Hey, I guess starring in all those B movies, and playing the heavy paid off in real life.” I’m sure Cliff would have appreciated that, be the one to be saved, since he’s had to carry Dalton’s load for so long. Now that would have been a chorus worth singing.

I still love the ending though. I still enjoyed this. I loved living with our characters, and just wish, I could’ve seen more. OUATIH is not perfect, and that’s okay, cause neither is the entertainment industry. Was it ever?

I can’t wait to see this again so I can cruise down the boulevard and listen to the sounds of my, rock-n-roll radio.

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