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  • Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
  • Yi Yi
  • Force Majeure
  • Alien

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  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci


    3.5/5.0 = Great

    Hilarious! A comedy played so straight that half the audience thinks they're watching a prestige melodrama. Maybe that's because Adam Driver and Lady Gaga insisted on making an Oscar movie while Al Pacino and Jared Leto formed a backstage pact that this story will play better as straight pulp, or maybe it's the fact that Ridley Scott just knows how to hoodwink both his stars and his audience with contrasting tone choices.

    Whatever the case, this is…

  • Memoria



    3.0/5.0 = Good

    The beautiful thing about noise is that even though it’s a nuisance, it’s a perpetual reminder that you’re alive. As much as I love cinema, there are few things I fear more than losing my hearing. Maybe that’s why I keep postponing the inevitable sinus surgery I should be getting; I’m just far too scared to let anyone close to my ears. Sounds are such an incredible thing: the way we associate sounds to places, people, and…

Popular reviews

  • Two Distant Strangers

    Two Distant Strangers

    0.5/5.0 = Notably Terrible

    Note: I only review short films if they're nominated for an Oscar. I don't like the idea of publishing criticism on other short films.

    Joey Bada$$ police brutality drama TWO DISTANT STRANGERS is easily the worst short film nominated for the Academy award since 2017s SILENT NIGHTS. Honestly, it may be the worst short film I've ever seen, full stop. This is totally irresponsible, careless, stupid, juvenile, and tactless filmmaking. I'm not the first to say…

  • Dragged Across Concrete

    Dragged Across Concrete


    5.0/5.0 = Masterpiece

    The greatest heist film since HEAT, the best cops and robbers film since HEAT, the best hard-boiled crime film since HEAT. Okay, maybe I'm ignoring OCEAN'S ELEVEN for effect but you get the idea! The point is this: DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE is a modern masterpiece. A glacially paced procedural that transitions from slow-cinema stakeout caper to ultra tactical shoot 'em up. Guns have replaced fists in Zahler's third cinematic outing, but the bullets are used sparingly.