Dune ★★★★

Watched it just like Nolan 2.0 wanted, for some cheap 5€ in a theater with another lowlife coughing behind me, the speakers blaring deafeningly and the light bulb running on the bare minimum. ☺️

Please dissociate my heated opinion from my very honest high rating, but I truly have no patience for the hyperbolic discourse that always comes up with these fantasy/sci-fi (WB) epics. A movie is a movie, and the superlatives in this case are so empty, particularly when this isn’t even the most spectacular film Villeneuve has directed.

It also doesn’t have the colors and all the dazzle of BR2049, neither does it have the patience or the delicacy, but it’s not like all these films have to be dense — but they have to be long, beware, you people with small bladders.

It does take impressive paths when it comes to space operas — Charlotte Rampling leaves such an impression underneath that veil for the whole of her cameo —, uh, shit, this was actually stunning. I feel like it fills this very small empty space on pop culture, about boys going on big adventures with their moms — it’s always with dads, isn’t it? Well, Paul goes with his mom Lady Jessica, and it was heartwarming. 

Lots of inspiration from the Arab world — sorry for the umbrella term — and zero Arab actors in sight; I think Villeneuve should go and get his ancestry breakdown or some shit, because he does this in every movie and it would be politer if his blood was 13% middle-eastern or something. 

Overall: worth seeing, worth experiencing, even worthier to stop babbling about the grandeur of white men doing big things with big budgets.

P.S.: Lucky him that it’s an ensemble piece, because Timothy Chevrolet doesn’t have much leading man quality, does he?

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