Nightcrawler ★★★★

"Friends don't pressure friends to sleep with them."
"Actually, that's not true, because, as you know, a friend is a gift you give yourself."

Nightcrawler's trailer gripped me from the moment it came out. The idea really sounded like unscorched land, and the execution looked as stylish and badass as, per say, Drive's.
Maybe this is a problem I developed, that I see Drive everywhere I look (AKA films with focus on night life), that classic from my teenage years, harsher than any acid trip.
But the thing is, even though Nightcrawler features the night and la gran ciudad de Nuestra Señora de Los Ángeles, it fails to boast any stylish stravaganza, standing on safe ground from start to finish.

I mean, it's not like every movie needs to ooze style, but damn, Nightcrawler needed it, it begged for it. It required an unforgettable work of cinematography, a "violent" soundtrack, lots of stylized gory scenes, yet, none of that comes with the package.
From a strictly academic point of view, the movie hits all the right notes, and for most movies that would be enough, as the film even shows real competence from Dan Gilroy. But one would have expected more to come along with the film's idea.

And more than that, every movie needs a good screenplay, however, Nightcrawler also fails in its last quarter when it comes to that. After the setting of the ultimate conflict the movie suddenly becomes somewhat predictable, let alone the way it is wrapped up, abrupt and kind of unsatisfying.

The acting is never a letdown, though, rest assured.
Jake Gyllenhaal is absolutely superb as Lou, the sociopathy and the depravity are almost palpable, one of the very best male performances of the year. The mirror scene, for me, that was a moment of pure cinematic grandeur. It lasted few seconds only, but damn, that was a scene, a scene that I hope that will remain on cinephiles' minds for decades to come.
Rene Russo reveals herself in a whole new perspective, from the moment she gets angry and starts furiously cursing. That's when you finally realise how much of an underrated actress she's been for the last two decades.
I really hope these two performances make it to the Oscars this year. They are both equally deserving, this monster and this bitch are just crying for the praise.

Nightcrawler mightn't be the cinematographic colossus I expected from the trailer, but damn, this is surely one of the most solid entertainment works I've seen this season. Just embrace all the brutality, the twisted madness.
Indeed, the city shines brightest at night.

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