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  • Ammonite



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    i would really love to debunk all the jokes that went throught the internet, that this is not in fact a rip off from le portrait de la jeune fille en feu. unfortunately, it is a rip off from le portrait de jeune fille en feu, with a much poorer script.

    up until the realisation of the mutual feelings of heroines the narrative still seems to be pulled together - that effect, however, quickly vanishes. then it feels like we…

  • Thelma



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    honestly i love how thelma's love interest, anja, is portrayed here, as almost ethereal-like, to obvious mysteriousness of thelma herself that comes from her magical powers. i like to think that she spent her entire childhood being that mysterious girl to everybody around and then fell in love with someone with similar vibe.

    also the fact that she is wearing a cross only when she is around her parents gives an interesting insight to her spirituality. this topic is still…

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  • 8 Women

    8 Women


    none of them wears a bra. NOT ONE

  • Girl



    my main problem with this film is its lost potencial. at first i loved dhont's approach, not defining Lara by society's transphobic responses towards her and by placing her in a supportive environment focusing on her internal battle with self acceptance instead. but that was not what i got. despite making it clear that film's aim is to portrait a girl and this girl only, it does not bother to describe its titular character at all. i seriously struggle to…