Shiva Baby

Shiva Baby ½

Astonishing how bad this movie is.

Like so many other bad films, you can see precisely what they were going for at every moment-- e.g., the claustrophobic camera work is clearly shouting its purpose-- "we are suffocating you the audience, as the subject is being suffocated," the film shouts, as it spends ninety percent of its time either centered wholly on the protagonist's face or on whatever she is supposed to be narrowly focused on.

But even that description shows the shallowness of the movie-- even when stressed, or when undergoing the most narcissistic type of tunnel vision, you don't usually focus wholly on yourself and the one other person in a crowded room you're fixated on-- there should at least be some sense of bustle around. It is amateurish and unpleasant to watch in a wholly uninteresting way.

And, it can't be emphasized enough, there is nothing interesting *said* as well as being uninteresting to look at. There is nothing novel or even representational said about Jewishness or bisexuality or about being a well-off early twentysomething woman or sex work or all of the other things it so desperately yearns to Be A Movie About. It is, at its core, empty, devoid of conflict or heart.

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