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  • The Sacrifice

    The Sacrifice


    I've liked this one way better the second time around...

    *This review may contain spoilers*

    Probably Tarkovsky's most psychological film as it showcases the cause and effect of one person's beliefs shift from one extreme to the other. Every character is affected by it and the chain reaction has begun. I interpret the film as a sort of reverse butterfly effect, one catastrophe leading to smaller inconveniences resulting in positive changes at last.
    Consequently, it starts off with the terrifying…

  • Another Round

    Another Round


    No words. Movie of the year

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  • Fireworks



    The simple things in life: glances, laughter, sun, snow. But everything comes at a cost. Beauty, unfolding, but not always seen. Life in accordance with death. Man, an acquaintance, caught in a dance and flail.
    Pain spoken through silence. Hope – watering dead flowers, but the flowers are forgiving.
    And as the wind stirs up memories and thoughts, the waves will wash them away, eventually, gently, violently. And the sky, lit up by fireworks. And the firework's colors evoked by the dark of the night.

  • Ten Winters

    Ten Winters


    I caught this film on TV around 2am when I couldn't sleep. A very pleasant coincidental encounter.
    Maybe that's the reason why it resonated so much with me. The quiet, melancholic atmosphere drew me right in. It also reminded me of my own stay in Venice some time ago, where I felt equally as lost and sad as the characters.
    The sentiment of this film, embracing both the quirky and mellow nature of the two protagonists, further highlights the inevitability…