Pillow Talk ★★★★

Drowning in pastels and phone shenanigans this for sure has it's problems nowadays with some of it's tone/characters, Hudson's character lost allot of it's likeable bad guy ideas over the years and is now just well creepy in the start, but that aside this is a wonderful little ground-breaker for the modern romantic comedy formed out of the ashes of screwball comedy. Everything works here pretty much; the ill-fated weird guy in love with our heroine played to perfect by Tony Randell, the jerk with the heart of gold, people adopting personalities, fun friends or well in this case a bitter alcoholic housekeeper and just fun witty dialogue. Day and Hudson really work so well together with the endless playful ribbing and charming fast footed comedy. By far the best Day move I saw so far also which really showcase why she was such a massive star for a while.

Fast, funny and still delightful 61 years after it's release.